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Business Partner Standards

OfficeMax is committed to creating and maintaining a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible working environment while providing high-quality products and services to our customers. To achieve this we would like to work closely with suppliers who are essential to our success.

OfficeMax has set standards expected from our partners as provided in the following documents, to ensure consistency in delivery of our promise to the customers and that our values are shared and maintained across the supply chain.

OfficeMax Conditions of Supply

This document outline the commercial contractual elements for purchase of any product or service and accompany any purchase order raised.

OfficeMax Supplier Guiding Principles

This document represents OfficeMax’s commitment to source goods and services only from Suppliers who strive to comply fully with all applicable laws and regulations, and those who meet internationally recognized standards and practices in dealing with its workers and their working environment.

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OfficeMax Delivery Handbook

This guide outlines the requirements to successfully supply and deliver products to OfficeMax Distribution Centres in Auckland and Christchurch (each a DC).

OfficeMax Product Content Style Guide

This document provides the guidelines on the product information and the digital images needed by OfficeMax to best represent your products and services across all our websites.

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