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Introducing the iMop

Replace your traditional mop and bucket with the i-mop floor scrubber! The i-mop is flexible and fast, with a high speed twin brush scrubber-

dryer deck it's capable of cleaning over 1,800 square meters per hour! Cordless and without the need for a bucket, you can do more, with less.

OfficeMax sells the i-mop in two sizes - XL with a 46cm cleaning path, and XXL with a 62cm cleaning path.

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Revolutionising Floor Cleaning!

Replace your traditional mop and bucket with the I-Mop floor scrubber. The rotating brush ensures there is no dirt residue left behind giving you a smooth cleaning experience. This floor scrubber is cordless and runs on lithium ion batteries, has a high-speed twin brush with the ability to flex 360 degrees and can get into those tight spaces easily!

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