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Golden Bay Cement is New Zealand’s largest cement manufacturer and supplier. Every day, bags of cement are palletised and sent to local building supply stores. These pallets need to be wrapped in a durable product, as they can spend up to three months exposed to open weather. Craig Blair, Production Team Leader at Golden Bay Cement and his team of 14 operators are responsible for the palletising process.

Golden Bay Cement was already a customer of OfficeMax when it came to the attention of Account Manager Mike Webb and Packaging Specialist Kerri Harvey that Craig was looking for a better pallet wrap solution. After trialling three or four different products over the period of a year, he decided to try Galewrap at Kerri’s suggestion. It wasn’t an instant hit – in fact many of his team didn’t think it would be a reliable product as it ‘physically looked much thinner than other wraps’. After a period of testing, adjustments and adaptations the team are now converts and enjoy working with it.

Good things come in Galewrap packages

Prior to using Galewrap, the pallet wrap product was heavy, it created handling issues for the operators, and it also resulted in more waste for the end user.
This is where Craig finds the biggest benefit;
 ”We export to the Pacific Islands where waste disposal is an issue. We can contribute to greatly reducing that, and that’s a good feeling”.

Craig had also had a few issues with not being supplied product on time with his previous supplier:
“Kerri was extremely helpful – she had great knowledge of the product and a good relationship with the manufacturer of Galewrap, so we could get technical help where we needed it”.
Training was conducted internally with some help from the manufacturer, and the process is now an extremely simple task for new staff members to learn.

Cementing a strong position for the future

Craig and his team really enjoy using Galewrap, and after some upgrades involving machinery, the new product fits more onto a roll and in turn requires less manual handling, resulting in lower risk of workplace injury.

When asked whether or not he would be likely to recommend it to other businesses Craig says;
"I'd be extremely likely – it’s a good product, and it will save you quite a bit of money”.

Benefits to Golden Bay Cement:

Savings in time and cost
Waste Reduction
Happier, safe team
Friendly and helpful OfficeMax Specialist

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