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Diaries & Planners 2017 Order Guide

It's easy to order online! 

Let OfficeMax do the hard work for you! Our new OfficeMax website lists the diaries your purchased last year - it's an easy starting point for your to build your diary order.

Step 1 - Go to the homepage to login 

  • •  Enter your email address and password to login
  • •  If you're not currently set up to use OfficeMax, click the 'LOGIN / REGISTER' (A) at the top of the navigation and click on the 'REGISTER NOW' (B) to choose your registration options (express registration, create a new user for an existing account or apply for a credit account) and fill out the registration form you've chosen

Step 2 - View last's year diary order by clicking on 'YOUR ACCOUNT > YOUR ORDER TEMPLATES' (C)

  • •  Your company's order form last year is saved as an order template named 'DIARIES 2016'
  • •  Click on 'VIEW' (D) to see the diaries ordered last year for your company. You can change any of the quantities in the list by over-writing the quantity in the 'Qty' (E)
  • •  To add these diaries to your order, click the 'ADD ALL TO CART' (F)

Step 3 - Add more diaries to your order

  • •  Click on the cart icon at the top of the navigation
  • •  Enter more diary product codes and quantities by using the 'Fast Order Entry' (G)
  • •  Refer to the 'Max Organise Flyer', enter the product code and quantity 
  • •  Then click on 'ADD TO CART' (H) to add those products to your shopping cart

Step 4 - Verify your order and delivery details from the checkout page and then submit your order

  • •  Once your order is ready to be submitted, click on 'CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT' (I)
  • •  Check your order and delivery details are showing correctly on the 'Address & Shipping' page
  • •  Click the 'PROCESS TO PAYMENT' or 'SUBMIT ORDER' to place your order

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